Photoepilator Braun Silk-expert Pro 5 ,,IPL5347" -

Photoepilator Braun Silk-expert Pro 5 ,,IPL5347"

Product code: IPL5347

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Photoepilator Braun Silk-expert Pro 5 ,,IPL5347"
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• Clinically proven and safe for the skin
• 400,000 flashes
• 2 highly precise heads for small areas of the body and face
• 4 cm² wide head for faster hair removal on large areas of the body
• Premium storage bag
• Razor Gillette Venus
• Photo epilator Braun Silk-expert Pro – the only one with SensoAdapt™ technology, which reads your skin tone in real time (80 times per second) before each flash and automatically optimizes its intensity for optimal effect and the most effective and safe epilation
• Convenient working modes
• Gentle and extra gentle modes are suitable for the first use, as well as for sensitive areas of the body – such as the face, bikini area, armpits. Using these working modes, the photoepilator also accurately selects the flash power according to the skin tone, but consumes less energy than using the normal mode
• Sliding mode is suitable for use on large areas of skin, such as legs or arms. Simply press and hold the power button while moving the device across the surface of the treatment area
• Precise mode is recommended for hard-to-reach and sensitive areas of the body, such as armpits, bikini area, face. To do this, press and release the power button. After flashing, move your device to a new location
• The unique combination of high power and flash repetition speed provides a long-lasting result, fast and hassle-free
• Braun Silk-expert Pro is the fastest photoepilation technology with a time interval between flashes of less than 0.9 seconds, which allows you to treat legs or hands in just 5 minutes on average
• Braun Silk-expert Pro – light, ergonomic and elegant
• The device is mains powered and requires no charging, so you can start working at any time and continue as long as needed
• The bulb does not require replacement and will provide 400,000 flashes, which is enough for an average of 20 years of regular full body hair removal treatments
• The 3 cm² flash window is equipped with a skin contact sensor. So the flash is only possible when the device is in full contact with the skin. A red indicator will warn of incomplete contact
• Additional 2 high-precision heads for small areas of the body and face, as well as a wide 4 cm² head for faster hair removal on large areas of the body
• Photo epilator is not suitable for everyone. It is most effective on light to medium skin tones, with straw and dark colored hair. The principle of operation of the photoepilator is less effective when used on white or red hair and very dark skin, because there is a small amount of melanin to absorb a sufficient amount of light energy

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