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Drive for more quality

A better microphone is needed as soon as we start to realize the difference between good and bad quality audio. Oftentimes it is a person who is well advanced in the technology or a professional user. However there is no particular need to acquire an external microphone for daily use.

Important specifications 

People who are seeking for such devices generally are well aware of what information to look for and how to interpret it. However, if you are not the advanced user, just look for generic information, such as what the microphone is used for and base your decisions on that. For the ease of use determine whether you need wired or wireless microphone. Always check if the cable long enough for your needs. It is actually a very important determinant, unless you clearly know that the device will be placed right next to your computer at all times.

Whether you are using it for the conferences or online meetings, publications or podcasts, always make sure to look for task specific microphone. Most importantly, each and every one of these microphones must perform one task and do it well. It is collect the sounds from all around it and do it with most precision possible.

Funny enough, most high end microphones are typically quite heavy and sturdy. It is generally due to fact that materials used for putting a high quality product together just weight more and are made of other solid materials rather than plastic.

Practical choice

We seek to make sure topshop.is users are satisfied. We ought to achieve that by carefully curating list of products and solid partnership with our partners and suppliers. It is why we are quite flexible about delivery terms and warranty. Have your voice heard loud and clear, get a new microphone without leaving your home!

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