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Nothing can demotivate our mood and efficiency as bad working conditions and tools we are working with. However, we do not particularly think of what the good office supplies are whenever we use them. In essence these are artefacts that articulate our work. Find exactly what you are looking for. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals!


Every desk in every office must inevitably have at least a basic calculator with essential functions. While at work, every minute counts, therefore it is nothing but a nuisance trying to find a calculator on our phones and computers for that little more complex calculation.

Clients do not wait, therefore you have to be ready here and now, thus a simple calculator will help you get the answer in no time. Multifunctional calculators come with a variety of features, from basic arithmetic operations to advanced logarithmic computations. Everyone will find their own preferred option.

For your comfort

Every season of the year is special. We all experience it differently. It all depends on what makes us feel good and how we perceive these changes.

People that enjoy cooling during hot summer days will certainly like having a fan on their desk. Nothing better than a fresh breeze just one click away to keep your work environment ideal.

In contrary, people that are not cold tolerant, will befriend with heaters. Even though someone actually prefers lower air temperature, it does not mean you have to comply with that and rather make your own comfort zone. We offer heaters of various kinds and power levels, so you will find exactly what matches your preferences. Nothing more relaxing than a feeling of warmth.

In times when the office air is rather dry – air moisturizers will come in handy. Skin will remain healthy and eyes will stay fresh all day. Other than that, some air moisturizers look quite impressive. You will catch your colleagues’ interest and it will be one more topic to discuss over a coffee break. We have a large variety and availability for every budget.

Find what you are looking for

When looking for office supplies, judge carefully what exactly you are going to need. This way you will reach your goals and optimize your spending. Heaters, coolers and fans, they all differ in their power consumption. Consider whether you will be using it yourself or whether it will be used for larger space. Each of these devices indicates the size of the room that it can facilitate. Determine the size of your workspace and choose the right device to do the job. You will find exactly what you are looking for.

All of our products come with warranty and are carefully selected. Also important to note, the prices at are friendly for every budget. Therefore, if your workspace is not perfectly set up yet, it is time to take action!

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