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Mobile phones are inseparable part of our daily routines. What started off as a communication device to full fill the need of faster communication, now only is just another feature among thousands of those integrate in mobile phones. While phone’s first purpose was to bridge the long distance communication gap, it now serves as many more gadgets in one – audio/video recorder, photo camera, navigation device, music player, game station, movie player and even office inside the pocket. With every new release of mobile phone, new features are being introduced.

Mobile phone accessories

While phones are also being used in a whole range of different environments and settings, they sometimes need a few extra accessories to perform intended tasks easier.

Selfie sticks

Selfie sticks allow us to distance us from the phone’s camera and therefore not only capturing spectacular photo of ourselves, but also photograph a muck wider background.

Mobile phone cases

Mobile phone cases will allow us to feel safer when we are on the go or in an active environment. Should a mobile phone break loose from the pocket – protective cases and glasses will introduce more chances of phone resisting the damage it can incur otherwise. Some mobile phone cases will even allow you to take your mobile phone underwater, ensuring that it will be as safe under water as it is above.

Power banks

Power banks is the external power source to prolong your battery life. It proves very helpful during vacations and longer trips where power source might not be easily accessible, but you want to capture every moment of the day!

Bluetooth speakers

Mobile phones now can also become an entertainment device – just plug in a bluetooth speaker and you can have a mini festival on the go!

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