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Titrandi andlits- og líkamsnuddtæki Be Osom ,,62815958"

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Titrandi andlits- og líkamsnuddtæki Be Osom ,,62815958"
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Be Osom “Face Roller Massager” rechargeable vibrating massager is perfect not only for face, but also for whole body massage: face, neck and shoulders, hands, waist area, legs, buttocks. The device is distinguished by vibration and (EMS) technology

• Vibration – relaxes and soothes the skin

Technical specifications:
• Vibration frequency: 8000 rpm.
• Input voltage DC 5 V, 1 A.
• Charging time: 3 hours.
• Duration of use: 2 hours.
• Battery capacity 3.7 V, 400 mAh.
• Vibration levels: 6 selectable.
• Dimensions: 160 x 83 x 48 mm.
• Weight: 135 g.
• Charging cable: USB.

Is it possible to massage the skin with makeup?
No. Please remove make-up before massaging, as you may rub it into the skin, which may then darken.

How long should the device be used during the massage and how many times a day?
There are no strict restrictions on the use of the device, but in order not to damage the skin, please do not use the device for a very long time. It is recommended to massage one area 15-20 times. The device can be used at any time, it is recommended in the morning, before applying makeup and in the evening, after removing makeup.

Can it be used on the whole body?
Yes. Before use, it is recommended to moisturize the skin with a skin care product such as a cream or gel.

Is EMS strong?
The sensation can vary from person to person, so it is difficult to describe its individual sensation. Meanwhile, the vibration is adjustable in 6 levels and its power can be selected.

I feel a tingling sensation when using the device. Why is that?
It is normal to feel a slight tingling sensation during use due to the EMS technology. Microcurrent can help to activate the energy of a certain area of the body, energize cells and improve the overall condition and elasticity of the skin.

Is it an electrical discharge?
You may feel a slight current sensation, but this is normal and not an electric shock.

Can I use massage with EMS when the skin is dry?
Effectiveness may be more difficult to feel when the skin is dry. It is recommended to moisten the skin with a cream, lotion or gel before use.

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