Spigen símahulstur fyrir Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Ultra Hybrid rautt ,,ACS07054" - TopShop.is

Spigen símahulstur fyrir Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Ultra Hybrid rautt ,,ACS07054"

Product code: ACS07054

4.100 kr.

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Spigen símahulstur fyrir Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Ultra Hybrid rautt ,,ACS07054"
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Spigen Ultra Hybrid

for Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

  • Colour version: Deep Reed (case color: transparent / frame color: red)
  • Material: Polycarbonate, thermo-polyurethane
  • Design: Slim, Light, Hybrid
  • Finish: transparent back showing the design of the smartphone
  • Guards: Integrated button covers
  • Protective edges: for the screen and camera, protecting them on flat surfaces
  • Corner reinforcement: Air Cushion Technology® – Shock-absorbing airbags
  • Type of protection: Complies with the requirements of the Mil-Grade resistance standard
  • Note: the subject of sale is the case itself, the other accessories visible in the photos are only to present its functionality

Case compatible with lens sizes smaller than (L x W): 15.65 x 7.29 cm

Hybrid protection

The transparent case from the Spigen brand from the Ultra Hybrid series is a stylish case that shows the back of your phone.

The one-piece construction combines a thermoplastic polyurethane frame and a transparent polycarbonate back cover, the hybrid combination of which provides great protection against scratches and damage on a daily basis.

Corner protection

The case effectively reduces shock from impacts thanks to the Air Cushion Technology® in the corners.

The case has undergone a number of internal tests, which have shown that the cover meets the requirements of the Mil-Grade military resistance standard, offering high protection against falls from a height of up to 1.2m.

Transparent back

The transparent polycarbonate panel shows the back of your smartphone and allows you to personalize their appearance in a variety of ways.

You can put your favorite photos, stickers, or colorful cutouts under the cover to give it that unique character that defines your personality.

Case for iPhone 15 Pro Max, Spigen Ultra Hybrid Packaging condition original

Raised edges

The minimally protruding edges protect the screen and camera from scratches on a flat surface, allowing you to put your phone on your desk without worrying about damaging the camera section or display.

Slim profile

The Ultra Hybrid has an ergonomic and slim shape, and the use of flexible TPU on the frame of the cover ensures easy and quick installation.

The case blends perfectly with the device while maintaining its stylish design.

Full Functionality

The case with precisely made cutouts provides complete access to the interfaces, and the integrated button covers maintain full comfort and responsiveness in their operation.

The Cover does not limit the possibility of wireless charging (applies to smartphone models with this function)

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