Sléttujárn BaByliss Pro ,,BAB2072EPE" -

Sléttujárn BaByliss Pro ,,BAB2072EPE"

Product code: BAB2072EPE

14.900 kr.

Designed for professionals, but perfect for home use!

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Sléttujárn BaByliss Pro ,,BAB2072EPE"
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5.0 EP technology. Galvanizing creates a layer of micrometric metal particles, which provides a long-lasting effect
• No friction – preserving healthy hair;
• No chemicals – to make the hair more resistant to heat;
• Evenly distributed heat on the plates.

Straightening plates
• 3x more durable and long-lasting;
• 3x smoother surface;
• Resistant to chemicals;
• Helps keep hair straight for a long time;
• Protects hair.

Excellent results
The device’s heating element will allow heat to be evenly distributed over the entire area of the device’s straightening plates. Thanks to the adjustable temperature of the device (150°C and 230°C), you can use it for straightening both thin, brittle and thick, coarse hair. Excellent straightening of the most diverse hair types (even naturally wavy ones). The device is also perfect for creating curls of exceptional beauty.

Advanced Heat Management system
These hair straightening tongs have a modern automatically regulated heating element “Advanced Heat Management”, which will allow you to accurately and evenly increase and decrease the temperature of the device. The device responds quickly to changes in settings and records heat loss. This hair styler heats up very quickly and maintains heat up to 230°C.

Excellent and long-lasting results
• Preserves the integrity of the hair;
• Hair is soft and shiny;
• Due to the even distribution of heat, you will create a hairstyle faster and it will last longer.

Safe and energy-saving use
Store the device on a heat-resistant mat and in a special bag. The device is manufactured in compliance with environmental requirements. The initial power of 200 W is reduced to 60 W, thus saving energy.

Suitable for intensive professional use
• The device is resistant to chemicals and high heat, does not wear out;
• Much smoother heating plates;
• You will save time and energy.

Technical characteristics
• Temperature control – 5 options (115°C – 140°C – 170°C – 200°C – 230°C);
• On/Off button and indicator light;
• Rotating cable of 2.70 m;
• Automatically turns off after 72 minutes;
• Heat-resistant mat and storage bag;
• Extremely light (230g).

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