Símahulstur fyrir iPhone 15 Pro Max HARDY Case, Gyllt ,,3mk-G" - TopShop.is

Símahulstur fyrir iPhone 15 Pro Max HARDY Case, Gyllt ,,3mk-G"

Product code: 3mk-1

7.000 kr.

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Símahulstur fyrir iPhone 15 Pro Max HARDY Case, Gyllt ,,3mk-G"
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Gold Case for iPhone 15 Pro Max 3mk HARDY Case

Key features of the 3mk Hardy Case:

  • Designed for iPhones – Supports MagSafe technology
  • Premium materials – Anti-adhesion, hydrophobic and anti-allergic properties
  • Safe & Durable – Premium safe grip and highest Absorber test scores
  • Harmony of colors – the case in this offer will be the best color match to the model*

The set includes:

  • 3mk HARDY® Case
  • packaging

*Case colors are the closest equivalent to the colors of smartphone models. These colors are not completely uniform. We have selected them based on the feelings and opinions of our loyal customers.


HARDY® Case is an elegant case designed for iPhones, which has the highest protective parameters and supports MagSafe technology.

It optimally protects against the effects of falls from heights, crushing or scratches, and its durability has been confirmed in Absorber tests.

The case is made of silicone with adhesive, hydrophobic and anti-allergic properties.

iPhone 15 Pro Max 3mk Case HARDY Case Dark Gold Brand 3mk

HARDY® Case – designed with iPhone users in mind

The HARDY® Case supports MagSafe technology, which enables fast and safe inductive charging of iPhones.

The case is available for different phone models in their standard colors.

HARDY® Case is synonymous with the highest quality and safety in a simple and elegant form.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Case 3mk HARDY Case Dark Gold Dedicated Apple Brand

HARDY® Case is synonymous with safety

HARDY Case has obtained the highest scores® in the Absorber tests, which confirm its durability.

This is the best choice if you want to optimally protect your phone against the effects of falling from a height, crushing or scratching.

What’s more, the HARDY® Case has a very high coefficient of friction, which guarantees a secure hold of the phone in your hand.

Your iPhone will never slip out of your hand again!

iPhone 15 Pro Max 3mk Case HARDY Case Dark Gold Manufacturer's code PROTECTIVE CASE FOR THE BACK

The HARDY® Case is resistant and durable

The HARDY® Case is made of elegant, smooth and delicate silicone. This innovative material is also resistant to high and low temperatures, odourless and inert to the skin.

The HARDY® Case does not get dirty, does not deform or change color.

The adhesive and hydrophobic properties prevent dust and dirt from adhering to the surface of the case, and any stains are even repelled by them.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What material is the case made of?

The Hardy® Case is made of PC and silicone, while its lining is made of microfiber. It also has a magnet for MagSafe technology.

How is the Hardy® Case different from other cases?

The Hardy® Case is made of an extremely durable and durable component, which is silicone, which is also easy to care for. It doesn’t discolor, even when you clean it with an alcohol-based cleaner. In addition, it is hypoallergenic and supports MagSafe technology.

Why does the case cost so much?

Many manufacturers focus on product design. At 3mk Protection, design goes hand in hand with attention to testing and safety. Instead of empty slogans, we offer specifics: the Absorber test, PZH and RoHS certificates.

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