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Háreyðingartæki Herz Medical ,,66687194"

Product code: 66687194

51.000 kr.

The Herz Medical Instruments IPL device uses the latest and professional IPL technology. Used in beauty salons and dermatology clinics. We have adapted this technology based on the experience of dermatologists for safe, convenient and effective use at home.

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Háreyðingartæki Herz Medical ,,66687194"
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IPL epilator

999,999 flashes / Skin cooling function / Power 45 W / Auto mode

2 modes of use: manual for precise areas or automatic for the whole body
Ice Cool – greater comfort for more demanding and sensitive users
5 intensity levels suitable for all skin types
The AI Auto function makes epilation of large areas even more convenient thanks to it
Anti-touch protection – against unwanted and accidental flash
Stylish design and color: elegant, matte white.
Visible results in 2 weeks – 2 modes of use – 5 power settings.
Large window – faster epilation

Ice Cool function up to -8°C
IPL laser epilator Herz Medical Body Bikini model HZMIPL_US_EU_2022_NA43121

✅ Ice Cool function – a pleasant coolness envelops the area to be depilated

✅ 5 power levels – perfect for your needs

✅ AI ​​Auto -IPL function automatically activates flashes according to programmed time intervals

✅ Integrated UV filter + Protection against accidental flash – because your safety is the most important

✅ Effective and long-lasting hair removal
❤️ AI Auto – light blinks automatically

AI Auto is an innovative solution that allows you to epilate large areas of the body, such as arms or legs, even faster. Thanks to this feature, the device will automatically flash at certain intervals.
❤️ Safety is important

A built-in tactile sensor allows the IPL light to flash only when skin contact is detected.
❤️ UV filter – protects our skin from harmful radiation.

Herz Medical Instruments IPL devices can be used for facial hair removal. First of all, the side, chin, upper lip.

Technical data / contents of the kit

Manufacturer: Herz Medical Instruments
Voltage: 12V
Power: 45W
Meals: Meals
2 modes of use: manual for precise areas or automatic for the whole body
5 power settings
Use time: 999,999 times
The set includes a hair removal razor and glasses
Power adapter cable

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