GRAND FEU roasting tray red, 3,2l -

GRAND FEU roasting tray red, 3,2l

Product code: PAN33RED

6.600 kr.

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GRAND FEU roasting tray red, 3,2l
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Grandfeu roasting tray – simple and high quality every day! This stylish tray with a minimalist design will definitely become your everyday companion in the kitchen. Bake, stew, marinate! This versatile, classic square-shaped dish, thanks to its large cooking area, is perfect for both sweet and savory dishes with a crispy crust. The body of the vessel is made of cast iron, the outside and inside are enamelled. Its sides are molded with comfortable, ergonomic handles so it is comfortable to take with gloves, and the size of the bowl is perfect for classic-sized ovens.

Prepare and serve your favorite food in this baking dish, which will decorate any festive table and allow you to enjoy quality food.


Care: easy to clean. Wash by hand. Drain. Dishwasher safe.
Baking temperature: up to 300 degrees C
Can be used: in all types of grills, ovens
Weight: 3.75 kg
Capacity: 3.2 l
Dimensions of the container: 33cm x 24 cm x 6 cm
Body length (with handles): 41 cm
Pot coating enamel thickness – 450um +/- 80um, 3 layers
Do not use abrasive particles in the care of the pot!
Heat the enamelled dish gradually, never heat the empty pan.

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