Gluggaþvottavélmenni Ecovacs W1 PRO ,,54789174" -

Gluggaþvottavélmenni Ecovacs W1 PRO ,,54789174"

Product code: 54789174

59.400 kr.

ECOVACS W1 PRO is one of the smartest and safest window robots, characterized by constant moisture maintenance during cleaning and ensuring an efficient result. WINBOT W1 PRO is the best window cleaning robot for your home with the most advanced technology on the market.

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Gluggaþvottavélmenni Ecovacs W1 PRO ,,54789174"
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Ecovacs Winbot W1 Pro
Thanks to the updated WIN-SLAM 3.0 system, this smart window cleaning robot creates the most efficient cleaning route, maximally covering even small windows. Using the best and most innovative safety features, the window robot works flawlessly all the time and stays firmly on the surface to be cleaned, even in the event of power outages.

Using the ECOVACS automatic cross spray system, WINBOT will remove any dirt or stains from the glass.

Ecovacs Winbot W1 Pro

The new WINBOT W1 PRO, with a highly efficient spray system, can clean any type of window. The cross spray system reaches the corners and provides an ideal wet cleaning that dissolves any dirt.
In addition, this smart robot remembers its position at the beginning of cleaning, so it will definitely finish cleaning where it started every time.

Updated WIN-SLAM 3.0 route planning technology.WINBOT W1 PRO automatically cleans windows by moving back and forth to thoroughly clean the glass in three modes: quick, deep and spot cleaning. The robot intelligently creates a systematic cleaning route that ensures sparkling clean windows.

8 levels of comprehensive safety and optimized suction power of 2800 Pa.
To ensure the highest possible safety, WINBOT W1 PRO has an optimized suction power of 2800 Pa and a highly innovative anti-slip movement system.

Voice updates in real time
WINBOT W1 PRO does not require your visual attention, it can vocalize its updates in real-time, apart from visual cues.

Main features of Ecovacs Winbot W1 Pro
• Win-Slam 3.0 navigation technology;
• Two-way automatic cross spray of cleaning liquid;
• Automatic edge detection – safe to use on both framed and frameless surfaces;
• Microfiber cleaning cloth;
• 3 cleaning modes (automatic, deep, specific locations);
• Controlled by the “Ecovacs” app;
• Protective strap system and powerful 2800 Pa suction fan;
• Automatic return to the initial cleaning point;
• One battery charge of the robot allows the device to be used for 30 minutes and to clean an area of 20 square meters;
• Suitable for all smooth surfaces (framed or unframed) outdoors and indoors.

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