Gegnsæjar vintage jólakúlur, handgert, blásið gler, 5stk. -

Gegnsæjar vintage jólakúlur, handgert, blásið gler, 5stk.

Product code: 34046206

4.300 kr.

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Gegnsæjar vintage jólakúlur, handgert, blásið gler, 5stk.
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What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word Christmas? About a family reunion? A present under the tree? Merry Christmas music, barely audible over the din of laughter and fun? The squeals of happy children? Or perhaps you are thinking about the Christmas tree and the tradition of decorating it?

Decorating the Christmas tree symbolizes the beginning of the Christmas season. You always want this process to last longer, because it is such a precious moment for the whole family and children. Taking each glass ornament for the Christmas tree, you carefully choose a place on its branches and carefully hang it, trying not to drop it. It doesn’t seem like you’ve been following this tradition forever, but it’s possible every year with Sawrasko’s Christmas decorations. Like vintage glass ornaments, these are also hand-blown and painted, so each glass toy is slightly different from the others and has its own individual touches.

This glass decoration in blue, white, red, purple, orange colors depicts a church surrounded by a thick layer of snow. Just by looking at this picture, you can already remember the Christmas carols sung in the church, where the sounds echo throughout the hall and reach your hearts and minds. This feeling has been preserved in this elegant glass decoration, made with love and according to the old glassblowing traditions in Germany. Now he can also decorate your Christmas tree. Let the handmade Christmas spirit into your home.

Choose the most beautiful set of toys, 5 pieces in a package

SKU: 34046206
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