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Eldhúsvog Caso Kitchen Energy ,,12576936"

Product code: 12576936

5.900 kr.

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Eldhúsvog Caso Kitchen Energy ,,12576936"
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CASO kitchen scales use energy from turning a round toggle switch on the body a few times. Thus, kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy. The charging indicator flashes – this is a signal to turn the toggle switch again. And if you forget to turn off the scale, it will turn itself off.

An accuracy of 1 gram allows you to cook dishes according to complex recipes. Also, accuracy is essential when following a diet. Lovers of old English recipes will appreciate the transition from grams to ounces.

The “Tare” button on the bottom of the scale allows you to weigh the products in a package or prepare the dough for a cake by placing the ingredients one by one in one container. If the maximum permissible weight is exceeded, the overload indicator lights up.

Rubber feet firmly hold the device on the table surface and prevent it from slipping.

Main features:
Dimensions (WxHxD): 190x35x245 mm
Weight: 0.4 kg
Units of measurement: Gram/Ounce
Body: Stainless steel
LCD screen: Yes
Tare function: Yes
Weighing steps: 1 g
Scale: Up to 5 kg
Power: Dynamo
Power: Use without battery

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