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Dyson Supersonic™ hárblásari Blue/Powder pink ,,460555-01"

Product code: 460555-01

86.700 kr.

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Dyson Supersonic™ hárblásari Blue/Powder pink ,,460555-01"
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Key control buttons

  • close-up on the blowing speed control button

    3 precise speed settings

    Fast Drying
    Standard Drying

  • close-up of the temperature select button

    4 precise heat settings

    100°C Fast drying and styling
    80°C Standard drying
    60°C Gentle drying and styling
    28°C Constant stream of cool air

  • close-up on the cool air mode slider

    Cool breeze

    Cool air jet at 28°C to fix the hairstyle after styling.

Styling tips

Easy-to-install magnetic styling tips with 360° rotation and Heat Shield technology to keep the surface of the pads cool. Even when styling close to the scalp.

  • Tip for frizzy and unruly hair

    Tip for frizzy and unruly hair

    Perfect for finishing smooth, straight hairstyles or waves. It hides unruly strands with a tendency to frizz, giving the effect of shiny and talkative hair.1 Using air only.

  • Tip for gentle drying

    Tip for gentle drying

    Designed for delicate hair and sensitive scalp, it disperses air, creating gentle, cooler airflow while drying hair quickly.

  • Styling hub

    Styling hub

    Slimmer design3 It creates a strong stream of air, perfect for modeling, and because the air is concentrated, you can style one batch of hair without worrying about demolishing everything else.

  • Diffuser


    The Dyson diffuser distributes air evenly around strands of hair, helping to reduce frizz and improve volume.

  • Grzebień z szerokimi zębami

    Comb with wide teeth

    Designed for curly and tightly curled hair, it has widely spaced teeth that help pull the hair out as it dries and give it the shape and volume you want.

  • Height97 mm
  • Length245 mm
  • Width78 mm
  • Airflow41 l/s
  • Scales0.659 kg
  • Noise77 dB
  • Cable length2.7 m
  • Power1600 watts (Printing)
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