Snuð BIBS 2stk Sage/Ivory 0-6 mánaða "54306548" -

Snuð BIBS 2stk Sage/Ivory 0-6 mánaða "54306548"

Product code: 54306548

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Snuð BIBS 2stk Sage/Ivory 0-6 mánaða

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Snuð BIBS 2stk Sage/Ivory 0-6 mánaða "54306548"
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Pacifiers BIBS 2 pcs. Ivory/Sage 0-6 months

Item description:

A cherry-shaped (round) pacifier is more like a breast. His nipple is made of natural latex – 100 percent. natural materials. Natural latex is durable, soft and elastic. The nipple has a hole for air and collapses when sucking, so it is easy for the baby to push the air out of it – this is how breast sucking is simulated. The base of the pacifier is made of polypropylene (PP), a strong and light plastic. It is slightly convex to avoid skin irritation and has air vents and a safety handle.


The pacifier must be kept dry and protected from dirt. Do not keep the pacifier immersed in disinfectant or sterilizing liquid as this may reduce its durability. Keep the pacifier away from direct sunlight and heat.

Users manual:

Before using the pacifier for the first time, sterilize it by immersing it in boiling water. Squeeze the nipple so that the water that gets into it comes out.
Clean and sterilize pacifiers daily. Do not use a microwave oven, detergents or dishwasher to sterilize them, as this damages the natural rubber.
For safety and hygiene, replace the pacifier with a new one every 4-6 weeks.
If the pacifier accidentally gets too deep in your baby’s mouth, gently remove it. The three air vents in it will prevent the baby from suffocating.
Because of the baby’s teeth, it is not recommended to dip the pacifier in sweetened products or medicines.
100 percent natural rubber from which the pacifier nipple is made.
The product complies with the European standard EN 1400+A1.


Always check the pacifier before using it, especially if your baby has teeths. Pull the pacifier in all directions. Do not use if it appears to be damaged or unstable.
Use only special teat holders tested according to standard EN 12586. Do not tie any laces or ribbons to the pacifier, as the baby may suffocate. Do not tie the pacifier around the baby’s neck, as it may injure him.

Product photos are for illustrative purposes only and are exemplary.

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