Barnavagn 3in1 Camarelo Zeo Eco, ZEOECO-06 ,,33831341" -

Barnavagn 3in1 Camarelo Zeo Eco, ZEOECO-06 ,,33831341"

Product code: 33831341

112.700 kr.

Combining classic and modern design, the Camarelo universal stroller will meet the expectations of parents and provide maximum comfort for babies. The set include: chassis, cradle, sports part, car seat, mother’s bag.

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Barnavagn 3in1 Camarelo Zeo Eco, ZEOECO-06 ,,33831341"
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Universal 3in1 stroller Camarelo Zeo Eco, ZEOECO-06

The frame is made of durable and strong material.
The stroller takes up little space when folded.
The front swivel castors can be locked for forward travel only.
The wheels are easily removable for easy cleaning.
Inflatable wheels with bearings.
With protection against accidental unfolding.
A system of 6 shock absorbers will provide comfort when rolling on uneven surfaces.
The central brake is easily and conveniently activated.
Closed spacious lower bag.
Adjustable handle height.
The handle is covered with artificial leather.

Large and spacious.
Higher thermal resistance will provide comfort both in cold and hot weather.
The cradle is characterized by low weight and solid construction.
Internal ventilation.
Easy to remove and put on the chassis.
The roof is lowered quietly and smoothly.
An orthopedic coir mattress is included.
The inner material of the cradle is made of cotton, which prevents sweating.
The inner material is removable and washable.
The cradle is installed according to and against the direction of travel.
Convenient fastening leg cover.
Cradle with handle, covered with artificial leather.

Sports part:
Installed according to and against the direction of travel.
Spacious seat.
Adjustable canopy.
A soft, washable insert is included.
Adjustable backrest.
Adjustable footrest.
Protective removable boom.
5-point seat belts.
Extendable canopy with a zipper.
Warm footmuffs are included.

Car seat:
Intended for children from birth to 13 kg.;
Ergonomically shaped adjustable handle;
Large and spacious foot pad;
Removable canopy;
Comfortable and soft padding;
Easy to install in the car;
A removable insert is included;
Easily and quickly attached to the chassis.

Cradle: 4.8 kg.
Athlete: 4.6 kg.
Bag: 0.6 kg.
Frame with wheels and bag: 9.2 kg.
Wheels: 3.9 kg.

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