Babybjörn ömmustóll Bliss, Midnight blue ,,006015" -

Babybjörn ömmustóll Bliss, Midnight blue ,,006015"

Product code: 006015

36.000 kr.

The BABYBJORN cot is one of the most loved items for parents of newborns. The first model was created in 1961 and since then millions of children love to roll and play in it, it helps calm down a lot. The new bed is even softer than the classic one. Soft fabric is used to make the bed – it has round shapes and creates a comfortable bed for the baby. The seat belts, with wonderfully soft padding, are comfortable for the baby to lie on.

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Babybjörn ömmustóll Bliss, Midnight blue ,,006015"
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The ergonomically designed bed ensures good support for the child’s back, neck and head
When the baby moves, the crib cradles him
Made of quilted cotton
Can be used as an armchair (1-2 years old)
Different height positions: sleep, rest and play
Weight: 2.3 kg
The cover can be washed at 40 degrees
Dimensions: 10 x 39 x 89.5 cm.
Suitable for a child from birth to 2 years (from 3.5 to 13 kg)

Suitable for relaxation and games
Your child’s playfulness can quickly turn into lethargy. The BABYBJORN cot has different positions and you can easily and quickly adjust the cot for games or lower it to the lowest position for sweet baby sleep. In addition, the bed can be folded completely flat for easy storage or transport.

Swinging that develops motor skills and balancing
Babies love to swing. Your child will quickly learn how to make the bassinet spin with his movements, thus developing his movement skills in a completely natural way. Our bed does not need elements, it works from playfulness.

Adequate head and back support
When you choose a bed from BABYBJORN, you can be sure that your baby will have the right back and head support. The fabric seat hugs your baby’s body and the shape of the bassinet itself distributes the baby’s weight evenly. This gives your baby the right support, which is especially important for very young babies whose muscles are not yet fully developed.

Can be used as a chair
This BABYBJORN product can be used as a cot or as a comfortable chair. From the moment your child is born (at least 3.5 kg) until he or she learns to sit without any assistance. When your child learns to walk and sit independently, you can transform it and create a comfortable seat (up to 13 kg for a child, approximately 2 years old).

Rock your baby to sleep
The bed allows you to move, which calms and induces sleep. In the early months, you can rock the crib with your arm or leg. And who knows. Maybe this will help your baby give you his first smile.

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